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Salt, Chlorine & Sun Protection Haircare

Protect Your Hair From Salt & Sun With Our Eco Hair Treatments

Our nourishing protection pre & post-swim treatments and hair accessories will have you coming back from the beach with better hair than you left. Chemical-free, vegan, reef safe, organic and all natural ingredients. Our products are made in Australia with lots of ocean love.

Ocean Hair Protection


Bamboo Wet/Dry Comb - All Hair Types


Ultimate Hair Protection Beach Bundle - Best Seller

From $106.00 $87.00

PRE ORDER Hair Fork Premium Styling Tool - ETA EARLY MARCH

Regular 30x w/ Reusable Tin Eco Hair Ties Eco Hair Ties

Eco Hair Ties w/ Reusable Tin

From $18.00
Small 10x Pack - Ideal for Stylists & Kids Eco Hair Ties Eco Hair Ties

Eco Hair Ties - 10x Pack

From $9.00

Eco Luxe Cotton Hair Bands Singles

Eco Linen Scrunchies 2 Pack Eco Hair Ties Eco Hair Ties

Eco Luxe Linen Hair Bands 2 Pack