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10 Ways To Quit Your Day Job & Work While You Travel

I've always wanted to share this, after over six months on the road and over a year of quitting my job I feel more than qualified to share this with you.

 1. Have a plan, hold off on being spontaneous until you are living in your van. For now you need to get your house in order as a life on the road can sometimes leave you without the feeling of safety nets so lets make sure you have the following things in place. This might sound silly but trial a weekend away in a van- I've met people who have packed up their entire lives to realise on a few weeks in that this is not the life for them. Save yourself time, money and heartache by doing a test run. Ready to go? Now check out step 2, 3 and 4

2. Make the plan, do your research on the type of van you would like- i.e. what's important to you, is it being able to stand up? Or having lots of storage? Or being able to go off roads with a 4WD? And, where do you want to go? Do some research and have a bit of a map of where this adventure is going to take you.

3. Budget, budget, budget- know your costs, both your monthly costs minus the rent you won't be paying now that you'll be living in your van, and how much you'll need to have the adventure you want. Also, be smart and have a savings account of emergency money incase you get stuck.

4. Income whilst on the road, you may also want an income whilst you're travelling and we certainly did! There are lots of website you can sign up to for contract work from anything from odd jobs like Airtasker, to hospo and construction work with an app like SideKicker. If you want something remote there are some online jobs available are customer service and data entry. But, if entrepreneurship is for you then we have lots of good news! Some of the best craft and community markets are in top tourist destinations, are you creative, can make small portable art objects, or jewellery, or small painted canvases? There are literally so many ideas out there and there's no reason why you can't be making things whilst on the road and getting ready for your next market. If a market isn't for you there is always etsy and platforms like squarespace that you could be selling your work on. 

5. Almost on the road? Now it's time to make your support system virtual, whether you're travelling solo, with a partner or with friends you'll still want to have the ability to check in with doctors, counsellors, interest groups and network. Personally, I have a weekly writers zoom group, a women in business group and a virtual personal trainer. These things always keep me accountable and stop me from feeling alone. Think about the things that you value and how you can take the with you. 

6. Packing time. Okay, so you're going to live life on the road and you'll want items that are practical and can cover a range of uses. But also make sure to pack items that make you feel good. It may be a big pair of earrings, some fun sunglasses, a luxurious jacket, a delicious candle- whatever that may be make the room to include it. Life on the road doesn't mean you have to lose your identity, if fashion is important to you, or a particular hobby is important to bring along than think of clever ways to incorporate it into your van packing. 

7. It's time to quit and hit the road! Have you left a job before? Have you moved house? This may be the biggest double whammy of your life but it's the only bit left in unlocking the life you have been dreaming of. Take time to appreciate everything you currently have, give thanks and with grace let everything go. You've already made your plan, see above, you've just got to get over this final obstacle. Go, go, go!

8. Tick off those experiences! Time will fly once you're on the road, trust me. If you want to learn how to sail, go rock climbing, experience a certain place at a certain time then have a list and make sure you are getting those things done.

9. Get to know the local area, this is the beauty of life on the road. Take your time.

10. Stay accountable, this one is mostly for my peeps who have decided to commence their own business. Make sure you are putting time aside each week to get some work done, it may mean that you need to block some days out and spend those days in a cafe or renting a desk in a co-share. Find what works for you and stick to it. 

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