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About us

Meet the Founder


I'm Jessie, an Ocean lover, surfer, passionate earth lover and founder of Eco Ocean.

In 2022 I started working for Surfers for Climate. Already devastated by the number of hair ties lost in the surf, I was spurred into action, and so began my journey of caring for and protecting our delicate water systems.

Since then, Eco-Ocean has become an award winning brand, and a place where surfers, swimmers, snorkelers and Ocean lovers can come together for a greater purpose - protecting our Planet.

Join me on my mission to get more people immersed in our Oceans, while treading lightly and leaving behind nothing but a good time!


Our Eco Ocean products are proudly:

  • Award - winning
  • Australian made & owned
  • Vegan, cruelty-free & Palm-oil-free
  • Environmentally friendly & Plastic-free
  • Free from harsh chemicals
  • Made with our regenerative design practices

"I'm on a mission to get more people in the water and leave nothing behind but a good time"

- Jessie, Eco Ocean Haircare Founder

Our values

Ocean-Friendly: The products are specifically designed to be safe for marine life and ecosystems, reflecting a deep commitment to preserving ocean health.

Zero Waste: Eco Ocean Haircare champions zero waste practices, aiming to minimise landfill impact through reusable and recyclable packaging.

Sustainability: All products and operations adhere to sustainable practices, ensuring minimal environmental footprint.

Circular Economy Principles: The brand embodies circular economy principles, focusing on resource efficiency and the lifecycle of products to reduce waste.

High Quality: Despite the focus on sustainability, there is no compromise on the quality of the haircare products, which are designed to meet high performance standards.

Community and Education: Beyond selling products, Eco Ocean Haircare engages in activities that educate and encourage the community to adopt more sustainable practices.

Australian made haircare products that are professional quality. The eco is a bonus!

Our impact

Developing salon quality haircare products that leave minimal impact on our Planet has been my mission from day one.

The ethos behind the brand ensures a haircare range that doesn't is not only super effective, but on that promotes a circular economy.

When you purchase our award-winning products you are making a direct positive impact on our environment.

Infact, our best-selling hair forks and hair ties are made from up-cycled materials that would otherwise be destined for landfill, along with our eco hair ties.

Know that when you shop with us, you are not only helping to support our impact as a business, you are also positivily improving your own eco footprint!


Our Circular Economy Practices

Climate change is a serious global issue, here is how we are using Circular Economy Practices in our business to help combat this...
Design and Manufacturing

Shipping and Distribution

In the Office & Workspace


Our Take Back Program


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