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Our eco hair ties are made from up-cycled bicycle inner tubes, that are then put through a lengthy process to ensure they are fit for your hair. Part of this process includes cleaning, and curing the hair ties using all nature ingredients think coconut oil and eucalyptus to make sure they are soft and supple- ready for your hair

Up until early 2022 we were making these from our studio on the Surf Coast, VIC. We have now moved our operations up to Sydney and are proudly working with CNS Assembly for the manufacturing of our hair ties and packing of your orders

Our scrunchies are made by hand at Assembled Threads in Melbourne, you can see their social work here

We recommend applying coconut oil to your hair ties every other month, or as needed. This will help them to remain supple and reduce the chance of breaking- so you can have a hair tie that lasts longer

These can be hand or machine washed on a cold cycle using gentle soap products

Bicycle inner tubes are a huge waste issue globally, not only is rubber in short supply but we are throwing it out in Australia at a rate of 2.6 tonnes per week from bike stores alone. Not only are inner tubes a waste issue that we can repurpose, the formula we have crafted make these ideal as hair ties

Our research shows that the programmes currently in place to remove tyres and inner tubes do successfully repurpose tyres but send inner tubes directly to landfill due to their composition being different to that of a tyre. What we've come up with is an up-cycled solution to this environmental problem

Whilst we would not encourage you to put an everyday rubber bands in your hair, they will roll, snag, tear and cause damage- our uniquely designed flat bands, along with our formula to soften and prepare the inner tube rubber to use as hair ties means that you have a hair tie that will grip firmly but come out smooth- zero snagging or damage

We love this question! And that is exactly why with each order you get a handwritten note that tells you how many inner tubes were rescued from landfill that month. We try and update this on our socials but the best way to get the exact number is by making an order with us

For every inner tube that does not go to landfill, you have directly impacted our environment in a positive way to ensure that no chemicals or toxins are going into our environment and therefore continuing to protect mother nature

For us at this point in time, prevention is better than a cure. We personally feel that there are enough materials already on this earth that can be thoughtfully repurposed into new products like our eco hair ties rather than create new products that will also become obsolete and choke our planet. We have designed the bands to ensure that they hold firmly in the hair, so no more getting blinded by the surf and your hair- you can feel guilt free knowing that you hair tie is holding on tight. *On that note, please make sure that your hair tie is fitted correctly, three wraps and you're good to go

The definition of biodegradable; something that can decompose or break down naturally by microbial action, a perfect example is vegetable scraps

Whilst we're not selling veggie scraps, this word is being corrupted by green washing and it's hard to know if any man-made product will every truly break down. Even manufactured rubber and cotton. We're not into green washing so our answer reverts back to 'prevention is better than a cure' and stacked up against creating new materials or working with what we already have around us, we've chosen to make ourselves at home with up-cycling and designing products that are less likely to fall out of your hair

By up-cycling, we are conserving the environment by diverting materials away from landfill.

When manufactured goods, like bicycle inner tubes, go into landfill they not only cause soil degradation, they also contribute to water and air pollution. 

Whilst up-cycling can be time-consuming, it leads to exciting innovation and creativity. And, we believe that, by conserving this resource we are doing our part towards reducing pollution on our planet. And, we hope that when people use this product then we can positively encourage them to think about sustainability too. 

Don't worry, we thought about this too and we've created the following talking points for you.

As part of our manufacturing process, every single hair ties goes through an intensive cleaning process- that includes the use of coconut and essential oils to give them a beautiful finish, and remove the smell

We also want to add that this is one of the best talking points for you and your friends. To start a dialogue around waste and the future of our planet by seeing something that once was waste. The word sustainability only started trending in 2018, and it's still on the tip of everyone's tongues. Make the most of that! For us, for you and for the planet

As the hair ties are hand made, it means that they are also hand tested. We test every single hair tie before we package it up. And if they don't pass the test, we have plenty of other uses for them in our workshop. Check our instagram for some posts about this exact thing! From experience, these hair ties will last months with regular use. Plus, when the hair tie does break, it means that it is biodegrading, and breaking down. Which is another win for our planet!

We put every single hair tie through a rigorous cleaning process, and lather them with essential oils to mitigate any harsh smells. They will arrive to you in modern reusable packaging, smelling fresh and clean

Whilst black is very popular, you can choose other colour ways via our Eco Luxe Hair Bands

You can purchase our sample pack, and we offer refunds for anyone that experiences issues- just go over to our returns and refunds policy and follow the prompts!

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