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(Coming soon in 2025)

Where Innovation meets integrity in the pursuit of sustainability.

Welcome to EverCircle (coming soon in 2025)!

As pioneers of the circular economy, we don't just sell products; we're crafting a movement for those who embody sustainability as a lifestyle. Our mission extends beyond the conventional — it's about redefining the lifecycle of products through unique, surprising designs that inspire and function.


At EverCircle, we're building a community bound by the belief that every choice can lead to a more sustainable world. Together, we celebrate the power and heart of living a life that truly matters.

Join us on our journey where life comes full circle, encompassing not just products, but education and community engagement too.


At EverCircle, we embrace the Circular Economy, a transformative approach to sustainability that minimizes waste and maximizes resource efficiency. This progressive model shifts away from the traditional 'take-make-waste' system, focusing instead on reusing, repairing, refurbishing, and recycling existing materials and products.


Our commitment is to create goods that are designed to last longer, can be continuously reused, and are ultimately recyclable, ensuring that nothing goes to waste.


By prioritizing these principles, EverCircle not only helps protect our planet but also offers our customers a smarter, more sustainable way to enjoy high-quality products. Join us in this vital movement, where each purchase is a step towards a more sustainable future.


At EverCircle, we are dedicated to developing products that not only embrace the principles of the circular economy but also enhance your lifestyle. Our initial focus has been on creating innovative solutions for common beauty barriers that deter people from enjoying the great outdoors.


Our flagship range includes eco-friendly, sustainable hair care tools designed to manage hair. As we expand our product line, we aim to introduce a broader range of lifestyle products that continue to support eco-conscious choices in everyday life. Whether you're a surfer, hiker, or outdoor enthusiast, our products ensure that environmental responsibility and convenience go hand in hand, helping you engage with nature without compromise.


Join us as we extend the reach of circular solutions into every aspect of daily life, making sustainable living accessible and appealing to all.


EverCircle's mission lies beyond creating ethical & sustainable hair care products.

In fact, we are already working behind the scenes on a number of projects to help businesses and organisations develop sustainable practices.


- BIA Sustainability Committee and Playbook
- Revolve Recycling Green Wheels program supported by EPA NSW
- BCycle Lithium Battery Fact Sheets

Design and Development of Circular Economy Products - - Eco Ocean Living
- Education for Industry and Government


Contact us below to learn how Ever Circle can help improve your organisation's impact.

The FAce behind evercirlce


I'm Jessie, an advocate for our oceans and the Earth, with a deep-rooted passion for the circular economy. My journey into sustainability began through my involvement with food waste, initially founding Leftover Lovers and subsequently being part of the team to open Australia's first food waste supermarket with Lentil as Anything.


These experiences fueled my commitment to extending the principles of circularity beyond food, leading me into consultation roles and founding multiple circular economy and social enterprise initiatives.


In 2022, my love for the sea and concerns about pollution, particularly from lost hair ties in our oceans, led me to join Surfers for Climate. This inspired the transformation of Eco Ocean into EverCircle, an award-winning brand dedicated to uniting surfers, swimmers, snorkelers, and all ocean enthusiasts in protecting our precious water systems. Join me on this mission to dive deeper into our oceans, tread lightly, and leave nothing behind but cherished memories.

" Watse equals food." William McDonough


Sydney, Australia

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