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Who are the peeps behind the brand?

Hey, this is Jessie! I want to help you with your hair routine while looking after the planet.

Adam is also a solid part of this duo- but he's out riding. 

You've arrived at a great time for us. We're growing! We've expanded our range, having just invested in Rox Lox, are starting an online course to teach peeps 'How to run a successful business from your van', and began a Youtube channel and a podcast where we review eco claims and cons. As you can see, we're building quite the home for ourselves online.  

And I'd love to know what our shared interests are! Are you all about being sustainable and planet-friendly, are you an ocean dweller, living a minimalistic lifestyle, or living in a van? AND are you after salon-quality hair that's gentle on you and the environment? 

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