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Unique Stand Out Eco Products For Your Customers

Looking For a Sustainable Hair Band Made in Australia for Your Clients?

We Look for Stockists that Already Have a Range of Eco Products that Would Already Compliment Our Range


We Have Various Product Options Including Our Striking Reusable Tins That Look Great On Displays

Are you not sure what the deal is with up-cycled materials? Firstly- by up-cycling, we are conserving the environment by diverting materials away from landfill.

When manufactured goods, like bicycle inner tubes, go into landfill they not only cause soil degradation, they also contribute to water and air pollution. 

Whilst upcycling can be time-consuming, it leads to exciting innovation and creativity. And, we believe that, by conserving this resource we are doing our part towards reducing pollution on our planet. And, we hope that when people use this product then we can positively encourage them to think about sustainability too. 

Are you worried that customers may be turned off using something that was once a bike inner tube? Don't worry, we thought about this too and we've created the following talking points for you.

As part of our manufacturing process, every single hair tyes goes through an intensive cleaning process- that includes the use of coconut and essential oils to give them a beautiful finish, and whilst the smell is subtle it is there. 

Secondly, this is one of the best talking points for you and your customers. To start a dialogue around waste and the future of our planet. The word sustainability only started trending in 2018, and it's still on the tip of everyone's tongues. Make the most of that! And see this query as the perfect conversation starter for you and your clients. 

Are you worried about the durability of an upcycled product? As the hair tyes are hand made, it means that they are also hand tested. We test every single hair tye before we package it up. And if they don't pass the test, we have plenty of other uses for them in our workshop. Check our instagram for some posts about this exact thing! From experience, these hair tyes will last months with regular use. Plus, when the hair tye does break, it means that it is biodegrading, and breaking down. Which is another win for our planet!

Concerned about the smell or cleanliness of using a product that has had a previous life as a bike inner tube? We put every single hair tye through a rigorous cleaning process, and lather them with essential oils to mitigate any harsh smells. They will arrive to you in modern reusable packaging, smelling fresh and clean. 

Do you think that only black as a colour may be too limiting for your styling and customers? From our own research, we know that black is the most popular colour for people purchasing hair accessories. We are positive that customers will be happy with this.  

Are you worried that these might snag or pull on the hair? These a silky smooth, and will glide through your hair. If you're not convinced- please watch the demonstration video about. Prepare to be convinced that these won't snag, damage, or pull. 

Worried that they may stretch out, or not hold in the hair? Our hair tyes hold firmly without pulling. Perfect for all up-do's. From our experience, they will soften over time- but not become overly stretched. You will get atleast a month out of each hair tye, before it becomes supple, if not longer. 

Are you worried that customers won't like them? We allow you to purchase in small quantities, so that you don't feel that you have to over commit. 

Still concerned? Request a free sample, and if you do go onto purchase and are not 100% satisfied, we will give you a refund less shipping. 

 Our Benefits: 

  • Snag Free Styles
  • Zero Plastic
  • Designed as a flat band, ensuring that they stay put and don't pull
  • Hand made in Melbourne from upcycled and sustainable materials

You can read more customer reviews on our product page here. 




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