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How to achieve the perfect post-beach hair

How to achieve the perfect post-beach hair

POV: You want to take a dip and leave your hair natural for the day.... probably to go from the beach to the cafe... or more commonly, you want to be that girl who can go for a morning swim or surf and straight to work! Yep we’ve all been there, but lucky for you I have the (very simple) solution!

Step 1: Before entering the water, apply an ocean-friendly hair serum or protectant.

Step 2: Tie your hair back, preferably in a plait if it's long or in a bun for shorter hair styles.

Step 3: After your water adventure, rinse your hair to remove any salt, then gently comb it with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb before reapplying the serum (unless you have exceptionally oily hair, in which case you can skip this step).

Step 4: Style your hair with a plait, bun, or by using our hair fork. Even better, if you can, let your hair dry naturally while wrapped in a quick-drying hair turban during your commute to the café or work, and then style your hair as mentioned.

The key message here is to apply a product to your hair before taking the plunge, rinse and comb it afterward, use a hair turban, reapply the serum, and style as desired. You'll be delighted with the results, and it will make heading to the surf or the ocean before work even more enticing and hassle-free than before. Don't let the fear of a bad hair day hold you back. Let us help!

Check out our range of products, including hair serums, Ocean Hair Protection, a wide-tooth bamboo comb, a hair fork, and a quick-drying hair turban.


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