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Are our hair ties better than typical hair ties?

Are our hair ties better than typical hair ties?

Good questions! And of course, we want to know this too. We would never create or continue to create a product that sustainably didn't stack up. That would be considered 'green washing' that's not a vibe that we'd want to be associated with. 

This is what we know so far, but keep in mind that information is always changing, and hopefully the world is becoming a more sustainable place. That aside, let's go with what we currently know about your average hair tie. 

First off, what is an average hair tie? We're talking about the ones that are made of elastic (scrunchies contain this too) and are then tightly woven with thread. 

- Generally, the thread is a cotton polyester blend, or straight polyester. Basically, it's plastic and even as a blend the way it is constructed means that it cannot be taken apart. 

- Next, the elastic also contains plastic, whilst there may be some natural rubber in there it will also be formed in a way that it cannot be separated in order to be repurposed or naturally broken down. 

- The manufacturing is done offshore (tell us if you know anyone that manufactures locally- but so far it's only us)

- Zero take-back programme, so very little accountability around the end-of-life of that product

- Little to no transparency about how that product is made, who is taking ownership over that product, etc. We take you along on our journey so that there is full accountability for what we are creating and putting out there

Do you know something we should add to this list? Leave a comment on our Instagram @ecohairties


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